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Meet Adrianne Haslet - Well Connected Dancing Ski Bunny Bomb Traitor

Meet some of the con artists who tried to make the Boston Marathon bombing look real - Adrianne Haslet. Adrianne Haslet is not what she seems in the news stories you've seen thus far.
Her family is proven here to be well connected to media, as well as the
'military indistrial complex'. She was not at the Boston Marathon
"bombing", as has been widely and falsely reported in media.

The real perpetrators of the Boston Marathon "bombing" are explored in this film.
Hard and direct evidence is presented and compared. A tangled web of
politics, fake death, corporate interests, identity theft and
deception, is unravelled for all to see.

This issue is taking
on a new and even greater significance, with the revelation of the NSA
massive spying operation against innocent US citizens. Many of the
companies involved in 'security' at the Boston Marathon (in other

Added: Aug-31-2013 
By: livingonplanetZ
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