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Artist’s Contract With Spiders.This Brilliant Work Is Nearly Impossible To Believe

Artist Andranik Avetisyan has an incredible talent in making his paintings with real spider’s web.
He says : “I have got a contract with spiders. I feed them with flies and they knit for me such webs as I want”.
He noticed the spider web in the corner of the window in his studio. Then a great idea came to his mind to create a picture from a spider web. And he began to study the life of the spiders and the structure of their web. After that he began to breed the spiders and to use their webs for two years in order to create his pictures.

Andranik Avetisyan (Ado) says: ‘’Spider web, in nature is a picture of energy making a connection among all the objects in the world’’.
Take a look at some of his creations below: