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Trial by Fire: A Carrier Fights for Life

1973 Vintage Navy Training Film

If you were in the Navy after 1973, you have probably seen this film. Trial By Fire is the US Navy's effort to learn from the tragic events on July 29, 1967 aboard the USS Forrestal which cost 134 sailors their lives.

This is actual video of the accident, as it happened. The initiating event was a Zuni rocket which misfired and struck a refuling aircraft. The resulting fire and explosions killed the trained response teams, leaving untrained personnel to try and fight the fire. This video critically points out the mistakes made by the untrained crews, and attempts to reinforce the need for training.

The end result for the Navy was to ensure that all personnel aboard a ship have basic firefighting training, called shipboard firefighting. Those who work on the flight deck recieve additional training called aircraft firefighting, and weapons personnel

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