John McCain caught outright lying on national TV about Ukrainian Buk missile systems

The following video, filmed by the Kiev regimes armed forces and attained from their own You Tube channel, proves, without a doubt, that they were operating Buk missile systems in the shootdown zone of MH-17 at the time MH-17 was shot down. They have repeated denied that they had the systems and were operating them. John McCain stated on national TV that they did not have them at the 32 second mark of the above video .;amp;

It it now fully proven that John McCain intentionally lied and deceived the American public. It also begs the questions " why has the Kiev repeated lied about their own Buk missile systems and why did they need them if the rebels had no planes?"

Additional information below:

Kiev has been caught outright lying about their own Buk missiles being active in the shootdown zone of MH-17. The Associated Press photographed them with the Buks. Link here: