82% of viewers LITHUANIAN TV "RUSSIA telling the truth" (Feb 23)

82% of viewers LITHUANIAN TV "RUSSIA telling the truth"

February 23, during a news program, viewers were asked
"You notice that in Lithuania growing propaganda (by russia)?".
At the end of transmission leading sounded live results of
the survey: 12% answered "Yes";
6% do not notice the growth of propaganda,
82% said "This isn`t propaganda, Russia just telling the truth"
These results have caused a frightened presenter Renata
jackals-Yakovleva - A little confused to report these data, the
TV immediately gave the floor to a sports commentator. After
the end of the sports pages, the journalist said that "the very
portal techniques for suspicious activity survey" because
"in such cases, the activity is half" (see video. Here).

Leading promised that tomorrow will be released a special
report on the subject -

"NyusBalt" clarifies that the survey on the channel TV3 was
timed to coincide with the next statement of the Lithuanian
State Security Department that oversees security services
"increasingly obvious" Russia's efforts to foment an
information war and the spread of their propaganda in the
media and social networks in Lithuania.

As a result, the DGB called on the journalistic community of
Lithuania "not to yield to possible provocations of Russia",
and in the case of suspicious activities to disseminate
propaganda and attempts to assist the financial impact or
desire to influence the content of the upcoming information
please inform the Department.

"News-BALT" 24/2/2015