Cops shoot family Lab and Rottweiler Just show up on property, kill dogs job well done ?

This happened at my mom and dads home in florida. The police responded to an accidental input of the alarm system. It was corrected seconds later by my aunt, but it was too late. She thought my parents were already home. She was visiting my mom and dad.

This is body cam footage after they responded 45 minutes later. To just ''check on things''.

Both dogs have never bitten anyone. They were just coming up to say hey. The three dogs are on electric collars that runs the property line. The beware of dog signs in the front of the entrance and just before entering the courtyard are obvious.

Clearly if my aunt knew anyone was coming over we would have put the dogs up. She was in the pool area waiting for my mom n dad to arrive. The alarm had been turned of for 45 minutes after going off briefly for about 10- 15 seconds.

RIP Bane



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