USAF F-16 Shot Down by Serbs in 1999: Aircraft's Flight Data - A/V

Video and audio flight recording data from the last minutes of a USAF F-16CG plane being shot down by the Serbian Air Defense.

This downing of an American military aircraft, returning from a bombing task focused on the wider Novi Sad area occurred at night, on May 2, 1999, during the war between the Serbs and NATO.

The pilot, Lt. Col. David Goldfein, ejected safely and was promptly evacuated in a standard US Army procedure, by a C-SAR team.

The initial claim that the aircraft suffered a mechanical failure was later superseded by official sources as well as by the result of independent research, including the analysis of the recording presented here. Everything indicates that the downing of this aircraft was due to a heavy damage caused by a detonation of at least one surface-to-air missile exploding in the proximity of it.