Psycho beat three passengers who prevented him from sleep.

The tram was traveling on Lunacharsky and stopped at a traffic light at the Engels - Ruslan eyewitness of the incident. - The right of me sleeping man about thirty years old. At the same time, three drunken guys talked very noisy, chattered. Those who slept, woke up, asked them to calm down, but they did not listen. As a result, he became their beat.

Angry passenger showed skillful boxing skills during a fight. He first laid a blow, and then the second guy. Bill so much that one strike even broke the glass in the window. He then repeatedly swung at them with his foot. Then he hangs on the railing and continued to beat the guys down. "Noisy" passengers who drank beer in the tram, do not even have threatened to "Rambo."

After the fight, the man decided to get out of the tram. He tried to force open the door of the tram, but it would not budge. As a result, the driver of the tram has opened the door for him, and he was gone.

- At the bully we filed a complaint with the police. Tram car is now under repair - our specialists will insert the new glass. Tomorrow he will come on the line - said the West tram depot in Yekaterinburg.