Muslims better off in the United States than Europe post 9-11

A study and poll done by Pew Forum ( that muslims in Europe are having a worse standard of living than their counterparts in the US. Muslims in the US are also much more assimilated than their brothers and sisters in Europe and the soscial/economical assimilation is much better.

Most american muslims say that their state and local society are good places to spend their life, and 71% say that you can make it in America if you put your mind to it. 63% says they experience no problem with islam and the modern society.
73% said they had never experineced discrimination while living in America and 85% said that Suicide-attacks where Rarely or Never Justifiable.
Only 1% of those asked answered that Violence was needed to defend Islam.

The survey also finds that the majority of the muslims comming to America are well educated, while the less fortunate go to Europe.

-Why you may ask?
The survey suggests that the economic factor and the widespread practice of religion in public spaces have a positive influence on those comming to America. The less social security and welfare programs in the US also contributes to the fact that tensions and resentment are higher among the muslims living in Europe, as those in the US are "dedicated" to work and not just "going to another country".

But that contentment does not resonate as strongly among American Muslim youths.

- However
The poll found that those under 30, despite deeper American roots, are comparatively accepting of religious fundamentalism and far more likely to think of themselves as "Muslims" before "Americans."
What do you americans (and any other people for that sake) think? What do you think are the reasons muslims are better off in America than Europe?



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