*FSA* members using chemical weapons

Is Tear Gas a chemical weapon?

Yes, but only in war. The 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention doesn't apply to domestic law enforcement. (The United States was a major proponent of the exemption, fearing that the convention might be interpreted to prohibit lethal injection.). One article alleges "that thousands of tons of CS gas were used by the U.S. forces in Vietnam to bring Viet Cong into the open." Of course, the U.S. used napalm, another chemical weapon, extensively in Vietnam. The U.S. used napalm and white phosphorous (a chemical) as weapons in Iraq. There are numerous reports of the western nations using depleted uranium as part of their weaponry.

As the civil war in Syria is in full swing, using this chemical weapon is in direct conflict with international law and legally represent clear act of war crime.

Allegation that justified US/UK/FR/NATO involvement in this civil war that came from the Assad opposition:

"...dozens of people were afflicted by respiratory difficulties after an apparent overnight chemical attack, according to opposition sources. Video showed victims lying on the floor of a room, breathing from oxygen masks."

It sounds like tear gas was used, and no proof that it was used by Syrian soldiers. This clip, on the contrary, shows that it's FSA who freely use it in a combat zone.

I have guessed this clip could be removed, so I saved it just in case. There has been a longer video on YT about this, so if someone has a link please share with us.

Additional info:
YT longer video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqOFNx59mTM