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Hi quality footage of JFK Assassination

Government behind Kennedy Assassination caught on Film

President Kennedy was killed by the driver of his own limo.

Ok, all those out there who haven't woke up yet.

Get a hold of something solid because this will blow your flippin mind, now JFK's fatal bullet wound was
from point blank range and the shooter is seen right on film.

Now sit back and use pause, stop, and rewind over and over again and to look very closely at the driver.

Stare straight at the driver and watch around the 15 second mark a nickel plated colt .45acp pistol come out in his left hand, he slowly turns around and fires at point blank range, blowing the front of Kennedy's face off, then turning back around and drives off quickly. Remember the phase, "Back and to the left"?
He noticed that the first shot wasn't the kill shot, so he finished the job.

In Memory of William Cooper and book "Behold

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By: neverknwo
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