Dashcam vid dui stop of York county councilman failing his ABCs and 123s during field sobriety test

A York County councilman's field sobriety test this summer was caught on camera, and the dashcam video was released Friday.

It all happened when Paul Lindemann was stopped by police in Columbia for suspicion of driving under the influence.

"You know your alphabet sir?" the police officer asks Lindemann.

"Yes," he responds.

The video shows Lindemann couldn't handle his ABCs and 123s during a field sobriety test in Columbia.

"Can I leave, can I leave?" he asked the officer.

"We'll see," the officer said.

Police put him through a few tests. He can be heard on the tape messing up his alphabet, and the officer asks him if he wants to try again. He does, and messes up again.

"T,u,v,w,h,i..." he said on the tape.

He handles counting to four frontward and backward, but he can't count backward from 32.

Those aren't the actions Deandra Bentley is looking for in an elected official.

"People die that way," said Bentley, who lives in Fort Mill, the area Lindemann represents.

He's running for re-election.

Bentley said she doesn't plan to vote for him, in part because of the DWI.

"That has a big influence over it of course," she said.

This arrest was Lindemann's third for DUI.

Lindemann didn't return calls Friday. He hasn't gone to court yet. If he's convicted, county officials say it doesn't impact his ability to serve -- that's if he's re-elected.

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