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Ellis Henican Details Criteria for Newsworthiness of Murders

Yes, he did. Last night on Bill O'Reilly, Ellis Henican was on to discuss the obvious media bias in the coverage of the recent murders of Dr. George Tiller, Pvt. William Long, and Guard Stephen T. Johns. However, Ellis didn't agree it was media bias, but decided to explain the "newsworthiness" criteria to O'Reilly. You see, there are three things to take into consideration, according to Ellis, and they are this:

1. The prominence of the victim.
2. The incendiary aspects of the issue behind the murder.
3. Who is fanning the flames of that issue?

So, Ellis. Are you saying Pvt. Long is not prominent-enough of a victim to be considered newsworthy? Oh, REALLY?!? Okay fair enough. I'll give you that much (in the mind of the MSM, that is, but I don't agree), so let's move on to the second criteria: the incendiary aspects of the issue behind the murder.

Pvt. Long was murdered BEC

Added: Jun-11-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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