Thousands of refugees break police barricades and enter in Croatia

In Croatia, in the last 24 hours, entered more than 5,400 refugees who come to this country from Serbia after the Hungarian authorities closed the border.

Several thousand of refugees and immigrants from Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc. cross the border and enter in Croatia from Serbia since yesterday, and hundreds of them arriving here every hour by bus, car, taxi etc.

They cross the Croatian border in waves near Sid, small Serbian town 116 km from the Serbian capital Belgrade.

This is one of their last stops before they cross the Croatian border and enter in Greece and the EU.

So far, Serbia is the only Balkan state that refuse to close it's borders. Serbian police estimated that around 30-40.000 refuges is currently in Serbian state awaiting for a chance to enter in EU. Also, Serbian government, banned and prohibit all protests and rallies against immigrants and refugees.

Today in Šid, tomorrow in Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Paris, London etc.