Updated battlemap of Adra (northeastern Damascus, Syria)

The walls are closing in on the rebels (terrorists?) in northeastern Damascus.

Original Source: www.almasdarnews.com/article/battle-map-adra-village-immerse

Original Text:
"Last week, the Syrian Arab Army began their military operations in the strategic village of ‘Adra in the Rif Dimashq Governate. ‘Adra is the industrial capital of the province, due to its abundance of factories and plants that occupy the majority of land inside the village. The village was captured during the SAA’s winter offensive in the Qalamoun Mountains; its proximity to the rebel stronghold, Douma, makes it even more imperative to the Syrian Arab Army’s Central Command.

When the SAA began their operation in ‘Adra, the Industrial Area was under Jabhat Al-Islamiyya control; however, after fierce clashes, the Syrian Army was able to secure the Steel Factory, the ‘Adra Petrol Station, the Detergent Plant, and the ‘Adra Bakery. According to a military source, two of the leaders of Jabhat Al-Islamiyya were killed during the battle: Hani Al-Moussa and ‘Anad Al-Helmi. He further added that many of the enemy combatants did not carry any identification, leaving him to believe that most were foreigners."