Shocking video: Attempting Murder on Refugees on Sea By Greek Army

The tragedy is happening continuously everywhere in the region. There is no land for syrian people, even in the middle of sea, Greece navy force is attacking the refugees and trying the spearing the inflatable boat. This is against humanity and all the moral values of this century. Look at this European Union member country!

All captured by Turkish Coast Guard and All saved by Turkish Coast Guard.. But think about Other "incidents", sinking boats. Did all they sink by theirself?

So many refugees died in this sea. Maybe or apparently some of them died because of the Hellenic "Coast Guards" . They were guarding their country? from whom they managed to escape from Assad and isis?

Maybe Kurdish Aylan baby was murdered by Hellenic "Guards". Who knows?

This is not the first incident of Hellenic Army. In August 2015, they committed this kind of a crime as it could be seen in the following link.

Please share this video to make pressure over Greek Government.
At least Greece should be respectful to human life without considering the religion and nationality of people. There is one world.

Aylan Kurdi: