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Global Warming / Climate Change Hoax - Dr. Roy Spencer

The 10 Top Inconvenient Truths About the Climate Change Hoax

Global Warming Climate Change high priests Barack Obama, John Kerry and Al Gore, as well as all Democrats have been aggressively pushing the junk science, all as a deceptive attempt to feed their political greed and give government more control over our lives.

Largely ignored by the leftstream media is the fact that NOAA/NASA altered US temperatures showing a warming trend the last 130 years where none existed. This information is part of a larger set of data, proving that the climate change “experts” are advocates, not objective, thriving on a welfare system of research dependent on making global climate change a threat.

Scientists for years have been colluding with government regulators to exact control over our economic system, attempting to replace capitalism with communism/socialism through climate change nons

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