Saudi-Pakistan Meetups! Pakistan Warn Saudi Arabia

Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel visits Saudi Arabia recent Days to discuss the Future of Relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. This is the first direct Connection between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan Army after Conflict between Saudi-Pak in Yemen Support. When Saudi Arabia was requested Pakistan Army support to attack Yemen Muslims, the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef clearly Rejected any support to fight against Muslims in Yemen the reason Saudi Kings was angry on Pakistan.

Recent Days when Cheif of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef visits Saudi Arabia to Meet with the Saudi Chief of General Staff A Reham Bin Saleh discussed the Future of relationship between Saudi and Pakistan Army as well given its hard concerns about increasing death of innocent Muslims in Yemen.
Warn Saudi Arabia to Stop funding the Terrorist Organizations in Pakistan ( Taliban
and few Supporters or ISIS
That are involved in killing Thousand of Muslims in Pakistan.

After the Zarb-e-Azb operation by Pakistan army, Pakistan gain 99% success in killing the terrorist organizations in Waziristan however there are still few minor groups like Laskar-Janvi, Sipah-Sahaba and few Other organizations which are getting funds from Saudi Arabia in different ways and using those funds to do Terrorism in Pakistan.

General Raheel Shareef said that we have well wishes for Saudi Arabia Country however we want to secure our Country as well their-for the Saudi Arabia must show some sort of Positive actions to stop funding Terrorist organizations in Pakistan. As this will lead both countries relation to danger rather then peace.

General Raheel Shareef also discuss the ISIS increasing terrorism in Arab countries and asked Saudi Arabia King to take serious action in stopping funding Terrorist organizations like ISIS, FSA and other that are directly involved in Killing thousand of Muslims and Christians in Syria and Iraq and now in Yemen. As this will lead the world peace into danger.

Reporters said that Saudi Arabia is Directly involved in funding the Terrorist organizations and involved in killing thousand of Christians, Sunni and Shia Muslims and is promoting the Wahabism in Syria, Iraq and Pakistan, however pakistan got 99% success in stopping the Wahabism in pakistan however in Syria this issue is at the peak and need to be resolved and Only Saudi Arabia funding is causing the serious problem for Terrorism.

So Called FSA Terrorist Organization which call them self Opposition and have full Support of Saudi Arabia, this Terrorist Organization destroyed Hundred of Muslims Mosques and Christians Church as well attack on the heart of muslims by destroy the tomb of Ahlay-bait Families in Syria is clearly showing that they have no relation to islam and are the Fake Muslims that only created for the purpose of destroy the islam and the peace of the country and Saudi Arabia is Directly involved in supporting those terrorists. This double face of Saudi Arabia is showing that the Kings of Saudi Arabia them self are not the muslims but the Khawarij that are trying to Control the islamic religion by putting their own thoughts just the the Yazeed Ibn Mawaiya was did 1400 years ago and killed the great Family of Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.

Most interested thing is that 72 great legends that were killed in Karbala by Yazeed Ibn Mawaiya, from those 72 people there was the 1 great Christian legend who was fighting from Imam Hussain a.s side, his name was Hazrat John bin Huwai ( ). Christians and Muslims were have great relations and respects for each other almost from past 1400 years.

Today the Saudi Arabia king followers of Yazeed Ibn Mawaiya is doing same thing, that are funding the Taliban, Al-Qaida, Sipah-Sahaba, FSA and other Terrorist organizations that are killing the peaceful Christians, peaceful Muslims that are followers of Imam Hussain and attacking the graves of Ahlay-bait in Syria.

warn them about supporting those terrorist Organizations as well.