Drunk Driver hits Motorcycle in Serbia

Drunk driver first misses couple cars, than crashing into motorcycle... Crash on 03:18

Song in car is from Jelena Rozga - Razmažena
Location is Serbia
According to police drunk driver was M.S. pensioner from Seča Reka. He was in police till he untoxicated himself and later release free to his home. Guy on motorcycle was transported to hospital and only femur bone was broken...

Here you go (Evo ti na)

Do you record everything? (Jel snimaš ovo sve?)

I record all (Snimam sve)

Just keep recording (Samo snimaj hahahahahah)

Do you know how much till he roll out in chanel? (znaš za kolko se prevrče, pazi!?)

Look (Gledaj)

This cannot zoom a thing (Nemože ništa da zumira čoveće)

It doesent matter just keep recording he will flip just in a second(Kako nema veze samo ti snimaj sad se on prevrče za sekund)

Record, record this now (Snimaj snimaj ovo sad)

I will put this on YouTube (Ovo ću da stavim na Juuu Tjuub)

Look, look at him (Gledaj, gledaj ga)

The worst part of this all, somebody will come from other side... (Najgore od svega toga što će u susret neko da naiđe)

He will kill somebody (Će da ubije nekoga)

How long can you record with that thing? Whatever do you like or? No just like an hour... look, look (Kolko možeš da snimaš na to? Možeš kolko oćeš? Oko sat vremena... Gledaj, gledaj)

Look he is torturing himself and he will roll over (Pogledaj mrcvari se sada i prevrče se)

Look hahah young female drives (Gle... hahah Žensko dijete vozi)

Guy with motorcycle, look this, LOOK jooooj What did I tell you! Did you record it all? (Ovaj s motorom, pogle ovo, GLE ovo... Joooj... Šta sam ti reko... Jesi snimo sve ovo ... sve..)