Tibet: China Calling

My language is
My language is
My hope
My comfort and
My joy
Our play
It is the colour of our land.
My language is my history
It is my Mother
Son and wife
It is my father, husband, daughter
My language is my culture and
My faith
It's our identity
My language
Is my Mind

In my occupied land
My language knows its borders
Mountains, lakes and winds
My mind is occupied by
Until my last breath
My word shall be Tibetan
My language is
My Nation

"The Tibetan national flag is intimately connected with the authentic history and royal lineages of Tibet which are thousands of years old. Furthermore, in the Tibetan Royal year 820 or in the seventh century of the Christian era, at the time of the Tibetan religious King Song-Tsen Gamp the Great extensive land of Tibet was divided into large and small districts known as "g?-kyi tong-de" and "yung-g'i mi-de". From these large and small districts, an army of 2,860,000 men was chosen and stationed along the borders of Tibet, and the subjects thus lived in safety. The bravery and heroism of the Tibetan people at that time in conquering and ruling even the adjacent empire of China is well known in world history.

"History attests to the fact that Tibet is one of the most ancient nations of the world. Therefore, in all the three regions of Tibet, irrespective of caste and creed, this national flag inherited from our ancestors is universally accepted as a common, peerless treasure and even today still continues to be highly respected and esteemed as in the past." Source the Government of Tibet in Exile.
For some, the Tibetan cause has engaged us in protest since 1959. For others, coming to know the plight of the Tibetan nation, the occupation of their land and the systematic and brutal cleansing of the Tibetan identity by the Chinese, is a horrific awakening.

Now you can support us in making change, we' found our compassionate voice. Call China with us. Call it loud and strong.

China continues to silence the cry for a free Tibet. China silences Tibetans by torture. Getting footage of China's atrocities out of Tibet is prohibited. China's contempt for the rest of the world is firm. China educates the Chinese that we are ignorant of Chinese history. And China abuses human rights because China believes China defines what human rights are.

We have found our compassionate voice and we're calling China.
It's time to stop the atrocities. Stop the harm. We believe together with H.H. Dalai Lama that non-violent change comes through compassion, reasoning and education. Chinese people need the world's love and support to help them reason; to help the Chinese people learn. Help us help the Chinese. Support China, my Language is my Nation.

Moving Universe Productions is committed to the My Language is My Nation project. In addition to raising global awareness of China's atrocities in Tibet, Moving Universe is developing Universal Education programmes through publishing, music, theatre, and film. The China, My Language is My Nation project has had invaluable visual assistance from Associazione Italia-Tibet, link.
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Associazione Italia-Tibet, the Dalai Lama Foundation so they and we, can continue our commitment to working for a better world.

Moving Universe Productions invites bands all over the world to make a cover of the China song. Contact Moving Universe Productions to get your licence now. People are invited to produce their music videos and to post them on the net to share as a One World for Peace creative movement. Through right action One World for Peace can soon become a blueprint for our sane, happy and peaceful future on our beautiful planet earth.


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