sUPEREDS haircut 2012

hey liveleak here is this weeks website writeup--
sUPEREDS 274 weekly inteRnet video" for april 14
2012 titled "sUPEREDS haircut 2012" sUPERED the internet video artist/street
performer/film editor/professional weird-0 billed as the 12th most strangest
person on de internet puts out on the internet another sUPERED haircut video---
in this video you will see 162 hollywood head shots of sUPERED while a song from
an little known rock band plays in the background enjoy smile
IIIII11111IIIIIsUPERED 41412sUPERED--when i heard this song i fell in love with
it clean simply rock and roll at its best at the time i was putting
together some headshots for a website and it was haircut time also so i got the
idea to do lots head shots with just 2 expressions on my face a straight faced
followed by my hollywood smile face hahah the shots and the music just went
together well there are 3 groups of headshots 1 before haircut 1 group during
haircut 1 group after haircut that gives the video the sUPERED touch well thats
all for now be good--keep it real stay healthy have fun at no ones expense love
each other and help those in NEED (not want) by love