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Scientology Raid In Orlando

Honk if you hate Scientology. 3+ Hour Raid

Before you comment - think about what you did first. We could not be anonymous in public - we could not enter their property. Potentially, we prevented one couple from converting and it appears we drastically increased the stress levels of those inside and unwilling to share their information.

We tried to get one of their crazy tests before breaking out the signs - but they kicked us out. Perhaps the forced mistake of asking about an "M-meter" set off some red flags. Or our inability to not smile - they didn't seem happy. Not necessary entirely sad, just not happy.

Brought out or signs and started handing out information. A LOT of people, apparently, hate Scientology.

Some girl yells (while driving by): "Go Anonymous Go!" Go indeed.

Self proclaimed Buddhist woman gives us the middle finger and calls us asses. She says w

Added: Jan-28-2008 
By: 3v1ld34d
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