Caucasophobia - the accepted racism

?Western nations can never mount a defense against Muslim immigration if this is always dismissed as ?racism.? But above all, if you believe that non-white racism exists, it is actually immoral not to deal with the problem and its victims. I am convinced that not just non-white, but also anti-white racism, are real and underestimated phenomena.

In London, an elderly driver who had a heart attack careered into a bus. Here you had a dying man, people trying to save him and police trying to clear the scene. Meanwhile, black youths at the scene just wanted to fight the cops. They shouted, ?Who cares ? it?s just a white man?.?

The incident confirmed my suspicion that some of those who keep talking about ?Dead White Males,? meaning basically every great Western thinker in history, are actually lamenting the fact that not all white males are, well, dead.

I have watched Mexicans who were illegally in US cities quite openly shouting racist slogans against the majority white population, with little or no reaction from the media. Yet Americans who want to strengthen border controls against Mexico are denounced as ?racists.? Why?

I have heard two explanations for this one-sided focus on white racism only. The first one is that white people are more racist than non-whites, a claim I find highly dubious in the 21st century. The other is that we should focus mainly on white racism because ?white people are so powerful.? But are whites always powerful? We are, demographically speaking, a rapidly shrinking global minority. We are even a shrinking percentage of the population in the West.

Following the Danish Muhammad cartoons incident, Bob Simon from the ?60 Minutes? magazine on American TV made a program about Denmark, which he commented was ?very Caucasian.? Journalist Samuel Rachlin complained that the picture presented was one of blond bigots who oppressed the powerless Muslim minority. Are 5 million, white Danes ?powerful? compared to a billion Muslims? ?

Barbara Kay of Canada?s National Post writes about a new fad called Whiteness Studies:

?The goal of WS is to entrench permanent race consciousness in everyone ? eternal victimhood for nonwhites, eternal guilt for whites ? and was most famously framed by WS chief guru, Noel Ignatiev, former professor at Harvard University, now teaching at the Massachusetts College of Art: ?The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.?

Some of the inventors of Whiteness Studies have stated their goals quite openly: ?Abolitionism is also a strategy: its aim is not racial harmony but class war. By attacking whiteness, the abolitionists seek to undermine the main pillar of capitalist rule in this country.? And: ?The task is to gather together a minority determined to make it impossible for anyone to be white.?

Conservative social critic David Horowitz comments that: ?Black studies celebrates blackness, Chicano studies celebrates Chicanos, women?s studies celebrates women, and white studies attacks white people as evil.? However, despite widespread criticism, at least 30 institutions ? from Princeton University to the University of California at Los Angeles ? teach courses in whiteness studies.

While Western academia are busy warning against Islamophobia, Caucasophobia gets the stamp of approval. ?

All Western nations, at least for a while longer, have white majorities. As long as anything white people do is considered ?racism,? the West has no chance of closing down Muslim immigration. Until the ?anti-Whitey? movement has been discredited, we can thus never win the fight against Islam.

According to Muslim reformist Bassam Tibi, ?Accusing somebody of racism is a very effective weapon in Germany. Islamists know this: As soon as you accuse someone of demonizing Islam, then the European side backs down.? In other words, merely accusing whites of racism is enough to shut them up. ?

We cannot defend the West against Muslim immigration unless we defeat Political Correctness. And we cannot defeat Political Correctness until we have utterly demolished the ideas that all whites are racists if they defend their culture or desire self-determination, or that non-whites are only victims of racism.

If you ask people how native Norwegians are supposed to keep our culture when we may soon be a minority in our own country, many reply that ?there is no such thing as Norwegian culture?. We eat Italian pasta and Chinese food and are otherwise ?Americanized.? So, everybody is supposed to keep their culture, except people of European origins? All cultures are equal, but some are more equal than others? Why is colonialism always bad, but not when my country, which has no colonial history, gets colonized by Third World immigrants? ?

We shouldn?t idealize mass-immigration too much. When one group of people move into a territory where another group of people already live, this has usually throughout human history ended in war. Either the newcomers will be expelled, or they will subdue or wipe out the previous inhabitants, or the groups will divide the country between them.

I see little reason to expect any different result where the indigenous population happens to be white. In fact, it is perhaps even more likely, given the fact that we belong to the racial group that has been dominant in world affairs for centuries and that quite a few non-whites hate us because of this. Add to this the fact that a good deal of the immigrants are Muslims, who usually persecute the non-Muslims regardless of race, and by far the most likely future for my children or grandchildren if the current immigration continues is a choice between fighting for their lives or leaving what used to be their country behind as refugees.

Exactly why am I obliged to accept this? Dispossession, while being muzzled by our own leaders and media, doesn?t feel very tolerant to me. In Norway in 2001, a colored teenager called Benjamin Hermansen was killed by two neo-Nazis. The murder triggered one of the largest protest marches since WW2, led by the Crown Prince and the Prime Minister, and schools across the country marked the funeral with one minute of silence.

Later in 2001, the Oslo police released statistics showing that the number of rape charges in the city was rapidly increasing, and that the majority of these cases were with a white victim and a non-Western perpetrator. These numbers were quickly buried. Moreover, in the area of Oslo where Hermansen lived, Holmlia, white Norwegians are quietly leaving due to harassment from immigrants. Hermansen?s murder received so much attention precisely because it was so rare. Muggings, rapes, and stabbings of whites by non-whites, however, happen on a regular basis.

All over Western Europe, and indeed over much of the Western world, there are now areas where it is dangerous for white people to live. This never triggers any outrage. On the contrary, it triggers accusations of racism if the white population resist continued mass immigration, despite the fact that we have accepted more immigration in a shorter period of time than probably any people has done peacefully in history. ?

Western proponents of Political Correctness are ideologically close to White Supremacists, since they assign a ?special status? to white people that they don?t give to anybody else. It doesn?t make it any more just that this ?special status? is negative. The opposite of White Supremacy can perhaps be called the White Worthlessness Syndrome (WWS). Self-hating white Westerners are victims of WWS.

I do not see why I should have to choose between White Supremacy and White Worthlessness. It is one thing to reject the idea that your culture should be forced onto others, it is quite another thing to say that you shouldn?t be allowed to retain your culture even in your own country. The latter is simply a matter of self-preservation, the most basic instinct of all living things down to bacteria level.

I have a right to preserve my culture, too, even though I have blue eyes, and cannot see anything ?racist? in not wanting my children to become a persecuted minority in their own country through mass immigration. That you are denounced as a White Supremacist for just stating the obvious shows how deeply entrenched and internalized this anti-white bias has become.