US Presidential election: Latest MSM poll results, Liveleak poll for you, + Pics of how many folks are going to vote for whom, for the mathematically

Breaking news!

If the MSM calls the Clinton election campaign staff, and asks them to participate in a poll, Clinton is ahead by 8 points!

If the MSM poll is conducted with; seasonal adjustments, or strictly landlines to elderly, or Obama-phones to inner city youth, Clinton will be ahead.

If polls are conducted at random and there are 2 questions; 1: are you eligible to vote, and 2: who will you vote for, the results are 3 to 1 in favor of The Donald, or more.


Poll results can be found on the internets here:

Visual for the mathematically challenged, these 2 pics were taken on August 10th:

Here is another set of pics from not long ago:

Are any of you beginning to get the picture?

The best thing that could happen to America would be for the Old World Order to rig the election vote.

Because that would cause the average Americans to overthrow those masquerading as our popularly elected government and we could start anew.

Fun fact:

It is easer to creat an un-riggable election system than the patchwork of rigged systems we are using now.

A Smartphone, printer and a dozen lines of open source code could do it.

Every vote cast gets a printed paper receipt with what was voted, the time, the location, and a serial number

On the internet, each serial numbered vote is displayed for all to see. With what was voted, the time, the location, and the serial number

Name of voter will not be recorded, but the paper receipt will be taken from the voting location by the voter and shal not be allowed to remaine at the place of voting.

Election fraud is rampent in America. But there are some who would say that it is not. To those I ask; So, you're not opposed to a verifiable vote? Because according to you, there would be no diference in the result of the election either with or without a verifiable vote?

Now, here's your chance to prove that The Donald is getting 3 times the votes The Hilderbeast is getting:


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