Two arrested at interfaith protest against opening South leg of Keystone pipeline

On the 15th of January, interfaith activists marched from the American Petroleum Institute to the White House demanding that Obama refuse to approve any part of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. This included a demand that the President block the scheduled Jan 22 opening of the southern leg of the pipeline.

The Phase III section of the KXL includes the famous detour around the original "Tar Sands Blockade" treesit that could not be dislodges. It also includes the shoddy welds that a pipe-sitter observed light shining right throough! While that weld probably got another pass, how many other such welds are out there?

Fearing both pipeline spills and unstoppable pressure to build the Phase IV (Canadian border crossing) part of the pipeline, two activsts held a banner in the "prohibited" part of the White House sidewalk and refused to move. They were presumably arrested under arcane Park Service regulations and laws originally aimed at controlling the anti-nuclear vigil that has taken place in front of the White House since 1981