Itasca IL police incompetence; officer Dipshit Daniel Kaltenbach lets at fault driver with no insurance go.

@2:45 and @14:15 are interactions with officer...
The driver of a USPS semi-trailer struck a vehicle sitting still while facing West bound on Thorndale Ave. 14 yr old girl's arm was almost trapped between the vehicles and USPS truck didn't have insurance or a license plate. Officer told driver that USPS workers aren't required to have: Drivers Licenses, License Plates or Insurance. Officer Kaltenbach spoke to the USPS driver six times and never spoke to the other driver aside of issuing him a ticket and ticketing the driver for failure to yield to merging traffic and listed him as at fault driver...even though he was stopped at the time of the accident (witnesses were present and never asked a single question.) Officer Kaltenbach claims to have investigated the accident and while he was unaware of the entire incident is being recorded; proceeded to comment on his incompetence by saying "It happens...we're human." He further failed to call a supervisor (after being asked 3 times and the vehicles were not even close to traffic) to the scene to address the obvious concerns. Officer Kaltenbach also lost the driver's license of the vehicle that was sitting still at time of incident and merely mentioned of including it in his report.
Please take a moment and write and or call the Mayor and or Chief of Police at Itasca Il Police Department and ask if they instruct all their officer to disobey the law and automatically side with Govt workers and do absolutely no work at all.Also if we were "in traffic" as the officer claims why did it take them forty five minutes just to arrive?
Mayor Jeff Pruyn (630) 773-0835
Police Chief Scott Heher 630-773-1004