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We have given Somalia guns

I saw this and had a little flashback. We apparently gave the transitional government some weapons. Made me wonder what's going to happen if they don't use them right. Will it be good for their people? government? their country? or us? Those don't have to be the only answers, but I'm worried only of them will be.

Enjoy the article; it's from Al Jazeera.

Somalis caught in the crossfire
By Andrew Wander

Battles between government troops and opposition fighters has a heavy toll on civilians [EPA]

In a refugee camp in northern Kenya, a 14-year-old Somali boy recounts the moment that his entire family were killed in Mogadishu.

"When I came home from the duksi [Koranic school] I found our house had been hit," he says.

"My mother and father were killed. I think my four brothers were killed as well - I saw pieces of their hands and legs near the part of the ho

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