czech guy vs romanian "sellers"

some czech guy was fed up with so called romanian sellers who pretend to sell products while they try to rob you somehow

EDIT: well I see that there are a lot of "smart" people here who knows everything so lets start:

this guy is a driver of czech officials so he is a driver and a bodyguard in one person so he must be huge and knows how to fight / he belongs to some kind of special forces /

in his free time he is a driving school instructor and this video was taken by his student

the story was: as he was driving with his student, these gypsies stopped the car and started to show their "products" when he refused to buy anything they started to be agressive and wanted to rob things from his car and then he started to act like he did /video was taken by his student when the action started/ and do not forget he is some kind of a special unit guy and if had wanted to beat these gypsies he could have done that very, very easily....

and these gypsies are romanian gypsies so they are gypsies from romania like there are gypsies from czech republic, slovakia, hungary and so on!!!