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Electric sports car debuts in San Francisco

Tesla Roadster, a new electric sports car from US-based Tesla Motors, was introduced in the US city of San Francisco on Wednesday.

The car in front of Hyatt Hotel, close-ups of Roadster 00:00-00:16
Car being charged, details 00:16-00:29
Speech by Grand Hyatt hotel general manager Jordan Moisner (in English) 00:29-00:39
Speech by Tesla Motors CEO Michael Marks (in English) 00:39-00:55
Speech by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (in English) 00:55-01:48
Interview with Tesla spokesman David Vespremi (in English) 01:48-02:41
Mayor Newsom getting in the car, driving away, details 02:41-03:17
Shots of the car 03:17-03:26
Interview with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (in English) 03:26-04:01
More shots of the car 04:01-04:04

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