Protesters Clash w/ Police During Wallstreet March - Violence with Arrests - (10/14/2011)

Protesters Clash w/ law enforcement during wallstreet march by charging police barriers - 10/14/2011

looks more like a bunch of bored teens having fun than it does a protest,there are many arrests in this vid.

at the beginning is some laughing kid tempting police,then a fat guy who claims the police "knocked him over",but to be honest i think his fat ass took a roll on his own.

at the 3 minute mark is a prime example of how a protest should be done,a man on his knees in silence,as opposed to jumping around acting like an idiot,If everyone would have done what this guy did,this protest would be more successful.

At 3:30 a business man just trying to get from one place to another is harassed by protesters.

at 4:04 a dis-orderly protester gets arrested while some idiot runs around grabbing at police.

There is too much going on in this vid to name everything,but this is not how Americans should act during a protest,i have seen more peaceful demonstrations coming out of the middle east!