anti-aircraft defense regiment A-1402, featuring the Buk air defense system has been captured by opponents of the unconstitutional junta government.

Promo vid of the Buk system:

Army Special Forces soldiers People's Republic captured the garrison of
missile troops, anti-aircraft missile defense regiment number A-1402. In service parts are powerful air defense system of long-range [actually, they are medium-range] detection and destruction of air targets. The press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Donetsk region confirmed this information: "In Donetsk representatives" DNR "seized the military part number A-1402."

Military unit A1402 (Donetsk SAM regiment) formed in the village Alexeevka Belgorod-Dniester region Odessa region. In 2007, was made part of the redeployment of A1402 in Donetsk.

Donetsk missile regiment performs tasks for the protection of the
eastern borders of the state and the protection of important industrial
centers of Donbass air. Recall that the Slavic and Donetsk shares 113 km. Depending on the modification of the air defense system "Dome" is
capable of detecting targets at a distance of 150 km, the working range
hitting target - setting fire propelled air defense system "Buk" in the
area of 20 km. Source:

These Soviet systems are noted for simplicity of operation, requiring minimum training of their crews. Do not be surprised if even an untrained volunteer can opperat them suscesfuly.