Fierce clashes in Rabia and Kobanê: 42 ISIS members dead

Fierce clashes in Rabia and Kobanê: 42 ISIS members dead

42 ISIS gang members are reported to have died in fierce clashes with YPG fighters in the last 48 hours in Rabia and Kobanê.

Attacks by ISIS gangs trying to close the security corridor between
Mount Sinjar and Rojava, and to complete the encirclement of Sinjar,
that began in Jazaa on 19 August and in the Rabia area on 24 August, are

The YPG Press Centre has issued a statement detailing increasing YPG actions taken against the ISIS gangs.

Gangs mounting attacks on Rabia repulsed

The YPG Press Centre said an ISIS attack on Rabia on the morning of 27 August at 07.30 was repulsed by YPG fighters.

The attack from 2 directions on YPG positions was beaten off by the
YPG fighters, who killed 13 gang members and destroyed a vehicle.

YPG actions in Kobane

YPG fighters have carried out three actions in the Kobanê region,
inflicting losses on the gangs. On the night of 27-28 August 2 ISIS
positions were destroyed near the village of Ziyaret to the west of
Kobanê in an attack which killed four gang members.

Gang convoy targeted

YPG fighters also targeted a convoy of ISIS members trying to send
reinforcements to the Ziyaret area, destroying 2 vehicles and damaging
another. Around 20 gang members were killed, including a commander.

YPG fighters also carried out an action to the south of Kobanê in the
Sirîn area. 5 gang members were killed as they tried to save a vehicle
that had been hit.

2 villages attacked

Gangs attacked the village of Boraz to the west of Kobanê. YPG forces
responded immediately, halting the attack. The gangs retreated and
casualties are reported but no definite figure has been given.

Mortar attack on village

It is also reported that ISIS gangs have fired mortars and shells at the village of Zagros west of Kobanê.