Fragile Truce Takes Shape - Schalit's Fate Remains Unclear.

As a fragile truce between Israel and Hamas went into effect Thursday morning, tensions remained high on both sides of the border. IDF forces were on high alert with armoured units taking up positions in areas surrounding the Gaza Strip ready to deal with any incident in the event the ceasefire is violated.In Gaza the streets were almost empty save for armed Palestinian policemen patrolling the streets. Noam Schalit meanwhile blasted the government and accused Prime MInister Ehud Olmert of deceiving him and entering a truce with Hamas without demanding the release of his son Gilad. Noam told reporters he feared that in the event the border crossings were opened the terrorists would smuggle Gilad out of the Stripand said .The family had expected that at the very least, as part of the truce, Gilad would have been moved to the custody of Egypt, until the final details of his release had been worked out.06/19/08
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