Detailed Story About How The Navy Seals Died (Peshmerga Fleeing, Leaving Seals Alone)

1st Class Charlie Keating IV.

Below is an excerpt from the episode from Special Forces operator Chuck Ritter:

“In the video you see me coming around the corner shot. So basically we under estimated the enemy force present in the area. Our partners were the Peshmerga, and we had very few Americans on the ground. We came in at night, and it was clear all night. Then in the morning right when the sun came up the enemy actually closed to within 5 to 10 meters of our battle positions, and started throwing hand grenade’s over the wall, and were really lighting us up.

So we were going out trying to push these guys back off our perimeter. The fact that the terrain was very maze like allowed them the freedom of maneuverability to move on us. Aerial imagery, and everything else didn’t paint the right picture on the ground. An overhead drone spotted an ambush, and the operator was telling us that there was an enemy ambush set up a couple hundred meters away. We were trying to flank that ambush, but in reality the ambush was right there.

We turned the corner, an Peshmerga got shot took a round to the leg, and it blew off some fingers. A good majority of the rest of the Peshmerga Commando's ran away.

It was me, my medic, and EOD guy. All of the fast movers moved off station, so the only thing I had overhead was Apache’s. So I started working fire to provide cover for this casualty.”


Peshmerga fled , and the navy seals were alone to defend.



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