Elementary school teacher swears virus is to blame for porn on laptop

An administrative judge has recommended reinstatement for a sacked
Winter Haven, Fla. elementary school teacher who swears the porn on his
school-issued laptop got there because of a computer virus.
The Inwood Elementary School teacher, Stephen Brown, was fired back
in January after Polk County School District officials found out about
over 200 explicit and violent pornographic images on the computer, reports Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV.
Brown strongly professed his innocence, however, and he hired a law firm to fight his eventual termination.

During the subsequent legal wrangling, an expert witness testified on
the teacher’s behalf that malware commonly called the FBI virus
penetrated the laptop without his knowledge and wreaked porn havoc.
An attorney representing Brown argued that the images were downloaded
in such rapid succession that only a virus could be to blame.
The WFTV story is somewhat ambiguous on some details, but it appears that Brown self-reported the images.

The ABC affiliate says that teacher called the actual FBI about the
virus, which informed him that the virus is not unusual. He then took
the laptop to a local Staples office supply store to have the virus
removed. Then, he apparently alerted school officials about his tricky
That last step proved Brown’s professional undoing.

However, the administrative law judge in his case ruled that the
school district failed to demonstrate that Brown downloaded the
pornographic images.
In addition to awarding Brown back pay and benefits, the judge urged
school district officials to employ the elementary school teacher once
District officials were noncommittal when WFTV asked if Brown would get his old gig back.

Parents were more decisive.

“I would be looking to switch schools. I would,” Inwood parent Latoya
Stoutamir told WFTV when asked what she would do in the event that
Brown makes a triumphant return.
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