Albert Pike (Jesuit Coadjutor) and Scottish Rite Freemasonry - ww1 , ww2 , ww3

Albert Pike designed the evil Supreme Council of The 33rd that brought forth many 33rd degree masonic sociopaths assisting to carry out the 3 worldwars and ongoing depopulation AKA orchistrated Environmental Holocaust plots (today overseen by the Archbischop of NY) and was overseen by Jesuit John Peter de Smet who also designed the 14th amendment that enslaved all USA citizens. By the way these 33rd degree sociapaths are still very active this very day all over the world especially connected to governement.

Listen to this broadcast from Eric Jon Phelps were he partly exposes the real story behind ww1 and ww2 :;amp;list=UU33d7RpO9Ovj0L1Yq1c7jqQ

Video by Mountebankexposee