Moldova wants alliance and friendship with Russia , 50.000 people showed up !!!
September 14th 2014 , over 50.000 people came to show their support to Russia , for friendship and together with Russia ( таможенный союз ) . The corrupt Pro-Romanian government illegally signed association with EU without referendum this year , now they openly talking about uniting with Romania in the next couple years ! 30th of november the elections are coming , the end of pro-romanian puppet government is near !!! Moldova will remain sovereign and there wont be no damn NATO bases here , no mothers will worry about their children being sent to fight and die in middle east , or god forbid to support nazi regime in Ukraine . For Euroasian Customs Union with strong Russia we stand !!! 50.000 people have spoken and the rest will happen very soon and 100% democratically and legally , 30th of November is near elections are coming !

Romania watch this fuckwits shi sugeti pula :) , Romania Mare = o pula ! :D , Moldova Mare = da ! :P