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Wacko Republicans Are Losing Independents, Saving “ObamaCare”

The GOP’s radical Tea Party fringe is forcing the GOP away from the relatively moderate Mitt Romney toward Rick Santorum, whose agenda has perhaps more to do with righting such imagined “wrongs” as abortion and gay marriage, as fiscal conservatism.

Have no doubt about it, Rick Santorum is unelectable. His views are too extreme for most of the electorate to stomach. If 10% of the population is gay and would, to a person, vote against him, and if the vast majority of female voters want the government out of their reproductive lives, it’s clear he’d lose against an Obama whose fortunes are on the rise after years in the sub-50% approval doldrums.

An Obama at a 45% approval rating could probably win reelection in a landslide if his opponent turns out to be Rick Santorum. Most independents would have little choice but to either vote for Obama or sit the election out. I suspect mos


Added: Feb-22-2012 
By: Tongueboy
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