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LiveLeak Staff Blog #2 : Accusations of bias.

Hi all, I know this is pretty much on top of the last blog and I still owe you guys answers to your comments. But this is something I really felt I had to address right now. I've noticed quite a few people accusing us of bias and even racism. Now this actually makes me pretty angry, we've always taken pride in our impartiality especially where LiveLeak is concerned. So, after seeing all of this I decided I should look into this a little closer.

I accessed the moderator accounts and tracked the complaints. Where I did find mistakes I found the mods concerned had rectified them fairly quickly. Looking further I then checked on the posts people were complaining were removed down due to bias. Which leads me to tell you guys the following.

We do not care what your political views are, which nation you pledge allegiance to, which god you worship, or which football team you support. None


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By: LL_Hayden
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