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Right-Wing Wariness Means Mainstream Embrace for Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani has a problem with the religious right. He's too liberal, too modern and not Christian enough for them. But the former New York mayor knows that this weakness may help him to victory.

Defeat is generally frowned upon in the political arena, where underdogs are quickly written off as losers. But the germ of triumph is buried at the core of many defeats. There are many examples of the steepest of political plunges that were in fact harbingers of success. Indeed, today's loser is all too often tomorrow's political winner.

For the public, a politician's defeat can even offer refreshing insights into his character. Voters, finally, are able to learn more about him. What is he made of? How much pain and humiliation can he withstand? Where does political flexibility end and where do the true values begin, the values that shape his thoughts and actions?

When former German


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