Strange Twist With Zodiac Killer Suspect And FBI

Sep 10, 2008
Kris Pickel SACRAMENTO The FBI has not released results of DNA tests that may link a suspect to the Zodiac killer but there is a bizarre twist uncovered by CBS 13. The twist is where Jack Tarrance once lived.

In 1979, "Roberta" lived in the same Carmichael trailer park as Jack Tarrance, the man the FBI is investigating for connections to the Zodiac.
Roberta remembers Jack Tarrance as a man who kept his family close, almost isolated from others.

"He was a controller," she said. "He controlled everybody and everything around him."

Tarrance's stepson, Dennis Kaufman, has spent the last eight years gathering evidence, trying to prove his stepfather is the killer who terrorized the Bay Area in the 1960's and 70's.

The circumstantial case Kaufman has built against his stepfather is strong enough for the FBI to run DNA tests to see if Jack Tarrance could be the Zodiac Killer.

"He always lived in a trailer, so he could pick up and go at any time," Kaufman said. "He always wanted to be mobile."

The trailer park where Tarrance once lived was on Orange Grove Avenue in Sacramento, but it no longer exists.

Here's the twist: The trailer park where Jack Tarrance once lived is now the location of the local FBI headquarters. FBI agents who could ultimately prove or disprove Tarrance's connection to the Zodiac now work at the same place he once lived.

Tarrance died two years ago but his words still haunt Roberta who wonders if Jack Tarrance was a man with a sick sense of humor or a man with disturbing secrets.

Roberta remembers Jack Tarrance saying, "You ain't been hunting until you hunt people."

At the time Roberta assumed he had to be talking about hunting people during a war. She's waiting to see if the DNA test links Jack Tarrance to the Zodiac Killer.