Guy Opens Fire On Locked Door After Failed Robbery

Calgary, AB - The bullet that struck Calgary liquor store owner Rajinder Birk was just one centimetre away from an artery, and his possible demise.

Birk, who owns Global Liquor in the northeast community of Temple, said he was getting ready to close up his shop Friday just before midnight when two men came into his store.

One of the men tried to distract Birk while the other tried to stuff a bottle down his pants.

“I had an idea of what they came in to do,” said Birk, who is currently recovering after getting shot in the arm.

“I’ve dealt with this lots of times, where one guy is distracting and the other guy is stealing a bottle.”

Birk eventually confronted the men, who accused Birk of racially profiling them.

The store owner said he offered them the chance to look at the video footage, and if they didn’t actually steal anything, he’d give them a free bottle of liquor. That’s when the pair started getting aggressive.

“He tried to grab money out of the till,” said Birk, who had already hit the emergency alert button in their store.

“I have a bat behind the counter and I saw what looked like a gun on him. He grabbed a bottle of wine and tried to throw it at my face, it landed on the ground.”

Birk said he swung at them to try and disarm the man with the gun. Once they attempted to flee, the men got trapped between the two exit doors which had been locked by Birk.

The men, who looked panicked in the surveillance video, opened fire.

One shot hit Birk in the arm, and Birk said they fired three more shots to break open the door and escape.

Staff Sgt. Dave Louie of the Calgary police Robbery Unit said the investigation is still ongoing.


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Location: Calgary, Canada