Off Duty Cop Killed Thug During Gas Station Robbery

google translation An assault on the morning of Monday (23), ended up with a suspect killed and another shot at Rua Afonso Guimarães Alcibiades, in São Vicente, in Campo Largo, Metropolitan Region of Curitiba (RMC). Everything was recorded by security cameras.According found the Paraná Tribune , the two men entered the petrol station at around 8:30 am, gave voice assault and they were about to run away with the money. A policeman off, which would fuel the car in place, realize that the post was being robbed and tried to address.

"He had the coolness to wait for the right moment to act. Not arrived and fired shots in the wilderness because they could reach others. When the pair were leaving, the police tried to approach them, there was reaction and ended up in confrontation, "said the captain Alves, the 17th Military Police Battalion.

One of the robbery suspects was armed with a .38-caliber revolver and tried to shoot against the PM, but was hit and fell dead. But the other, with an airsoft gun fled, but police believe he was also hit because fell twice before entering a Goal silver and disappear.

Several police teams are searching the suspect, including hospitals and health centers in the region, but he was not found. The toy gun used by him was seized because he threw to the ground at the time of the leak.

The dead boy was identified as Vinicius Neves, 25. With him, the police seized the gun and the money stolen in the post, approximately R $ 1,000. According to police, the boy was a young middle class, who did not steal, but to be involved in other crimes. "We confirm that he assaulted another post even in the morning and on Friday stole a market and a hot dog," said the captain.

According to the police, they were seen only two men, but the suspicion is that four participated in the actions. The police believe that they were responsible for the theft already identified security cameras from different points in the same city. police officers at the Campo Largo Police and also the PM internal affairs were in place and shall examine, in parallel investigations, what happened at the station.


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Location: Curitiba - State of Paraná, Brazil