Military ray gun to be tested on inmates (video)

A military grade, high-tech ray gun that fires an invisible heat beam for unbearable pain will be tested on inmates in the sheriff's detention facility in Castaic, California officials said Friday. All military weapons must be tested on humans. Major loopholes exists that allow the U.S. government to run experiments on individual and populated geographical areas.

"The 'Assault Intervention System' (AIS) developed by the Raytheon Co., could give the Sheriff's Department 'another tool' to quell disturbances at a 65-inmate dormitory at the Pitchess Detention Center's North County Correctional Facility, said Cmdr. Bob Osborne, head of the technology exploration branch of the sheriff's Department of Homeland Security Division," reports Blacklisted News..

Osborne said, "We're looking to see if we can exploit this science for the benefit of the Corrections Department."

"Sheriff's Deputy David Judge manned the controls and fired the beam, using a joystick and a monitor, not unlike a video game, to aim the ray gun's camera."

On Mar 2, 2008, 60 Minutes on CBS News repored on the ray gun in its program, The Pentagon's Ray Gun reported by David Martin.

The new technology is under the misnomer, non-lethal weapons. As William Thomas revealed in 2005, the so-called non-lethal weaponry has also been tested and used on Iraqi civilians.

A US army veteran told the Examiner that the new weaponry burns holes straight through Iraqis, killing them, remotely, without bloodshed. Civilians on a bus were killed that way.

Thomas wrote about new weaponry:

"Very Low Frequency (VLF) weapons include the dozens of 'poppers' currently deployed in Iraq, which can be dialed to or 'long wave' frequencies capable of traveling great distances through the ground or intervening structures. As air force Lt Col. Peter L. Hays, Director of the Institute for National Security Studies reveals, 'Transmission of long wavelength sound creates biophysical effects; nausea, loss of bowels, disorientation, vomiting, potential internal organ damage or death may occur.'" (See: Microwaving Iraq, Pacifying Rays Pose New Hazards in Iraq, Rense.

"Hays calls VLF weapons 'superior' because their directed energy beams do not lose their hurtful properties when traveling through air to tissue. A French weapon radiating at 7 hertz "made the people in range sick for hours."

"According to members of Hank's former unit, constant exposure to invisible emissions from radar and radio rigs -- as well as to their own microwave weapons -- is backfiring. 'Our people are driven nuts,' Hank says. 'It makes them stupid for two or three days.'

With the US troops' highest suicide rates in history, one wonders if new weaponry that "makes them stupid" might be partially responsible, especially combined drugs they are provided and war crimes they are ordered to commit. Thomas learned, however, that it was not conscience causing mental injuries.

Thomas wrote, "As a consequence, AWOL rates among 'spaced out"'US troops are as high as 15%, Hank reports. For many deserters, it is not cowardice or conscience that is causing them to absent themselves from duty. 'They are feeling so depressed,' Hank explains. 'They don't feel good. So they leave.'

Inmates do not have that option.

The experimenting on non-consenting humans continues, overseas and on US soil.

The entire Gulf Coast region being deliberately sprayed and subjected to oil poisons is one giant non-consensual human experiment according to many scientists. (See: Censored Gulf oil news: Americans sprayed, coated with poisons (Video), Examiner, July 5, 2010)

The US has a long history of both aerial spraying and non-consensual human experimentation. (See: Vaccine Liberty or Death, Non-Consensual Human Experimentation, Timeline, Dupre)

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