After Dutch referendum ukrop go apeshit, as expected

So it did not take long before the and other ukr MSM got deflated like a balloon of lies, since even before the exit polls were done they already concluded that "majority voted YES to ukr-EU association agreement".
After the real results became absolutely clear with "NO" being the majority by over 60%, the ukrops went apeshit. Here they are again burning tires, fighting riot police etc and demanding to speak to president Poroshenko:

Also, the Dutch flag got burned by ukrops:

And Social Media did not lag far behind, so all ukrowarriors of teh interwebs joined in:

Some select quotes from the screenshot above:
"64% out of 29% of the population are obviously those who watches Russian news... I think same amount of vata is in ukraine ("vatnik" is an ukrop term meaning Putin supporter / someone who does not agree with Maidan)... so no surprise there"
"Don't go to Holland for [buying used] cars.. Poland... Germany"
"Smoked some weed and went voting.... what now?"
"fuck those morons"
"Benilux (?) drug addicts, are you missing Russian tanks on your streets?"
"The referendum organized by Kremlin did not take place"

Finally, Lyashko "the combat faggot" brought a cow into a city... because.... because why not?!
he he he



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