Hit and run driver chased down

On my way home from work a Dodge challenger piloted by a new driver, demonstrated a lack of experience, control and responsibility after side swiping my truck and fleeing the scene. She then drove all the way home and professed her innocence and my guilt in the accident. Now her insurance claim states that I side swiped her car, so I'm posting the footage so the truth will be made clear.
Immediately after the video ends, I attempted to contact the Northlake Police Department, ironically when you make it through the menu to talk to an officer, the automated system calls out "Error 90" and hangs up. After that failed call, just before I went to dial 9-1-1, the mother emerged from the house and provided me with the requested documentation.

I was going to let the insurance handle it, but when her adjuster contacted me, citing that their client stated I was at fault, my motivations changed, as such the video was posted on both Liveleak and YouTube.

I have since contacted the Denton County Sherrif's Department, in which I was told nothing could be done about the hit and run, but I could fill out an accident report and mail it to Austin, which I have done.



By: Cpt_Badass (36.20)

Tags: Hit and run, paint transfer, illegal, confrontation

Location: Brazil