Obama Backs Kenyan Islamic Terror Regime (2008)

I found this video that was uploaded in 2008.


Barack Obama has a cousin in Kenya he almost never talks about, Raila Odinga. (Raila Odinga is the son of Oginga Odinga, who once staged a Communist backed coup to overthrow the government of Kenya.) Barack Obama has actively campaigned for cousin Raila Odinga to become president of Kenya - even before Obama started his own run for the presidency of the USA. Obama did this under the pretense of a taxpayer funded "fact finding mission".

Almost no one in the USA knows that Odinga has made a pact with the Muslim leaders of Kenya, in order to gain their support. This pact (actually shown in the video), calls for the establishment of a "safe haven" for terrorists in Kenya (yes, a safe haven to be government supported), the imposition of Sharia (Islamic) law, and the outlawing of public Christianity in Kenya. You can download a copy of this document for yourself.

Barack Obama has supported Odinga in spite of (or perhaps because of) this Islamic pact, and continues to support Odinga in his aims, even though Odinga lost the recent elections. Furthermore, Obama seems to have been present and advising Odinga even as the election violence was being planned. This is not conjecture or a theory, even though you may not believe it until you see the footage for yourself. The best video available on the subject.

What does this reveal about Barack Hussein Obama's intentions in the US? A "must-see" video whether you're planning to vote for McCain Palin, or Obama Biden. Democracy cannot work unless you know the truth. Thanks to YouTube and others, the virtual media blackout an on anything negative about Obama can be circumvented.