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al-Qaeda Praises allah, Promises Death...

Before and after the election Obama supporters told us that his Muslim background would help ease the tensions between the Islamic and non-Islamic world. His supporters thought that his Cairo speech was going to transform the relations between the two worlds. Unfortunately this was just wishful thinking backed up by naivety.

Obama's has inspired one group though. He has inspired American Abu Mansour, one of the Somalian Al Qaeda leaders to speak out against America, Western civilization, and President Obama himself. This message was forwarded to me from a friend in Nigeria. He received this in his email as Al Qaeda is spamming African email addresses with this information in a recruitment drive. Here is the email and video entitled "The Beginning of the end, a Response to Barack Obama".

Hat tip to Mr.B.

Thank Allah who promises his faithful worshipers of empowering, threats hi


Added: Jul-25-2009 
Middle East
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