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Please Say Penis Instead

Try practicing the story you're gonna tell in front a live audience and you can't stop saying the word "cock".

NOTE: We here at the Thickhanger corporate headquarters take the job of posting videos so seriously that prior to posting all of our videos are put through a battery of tests to determine their suitability for posting. During our tests this video was deemed sufficiently weird and adequately humorous. However it may not appear that way to you. You may find it pointless or worthless. Remember though that you are not the professional experts that we are nor do you have the knowledge of video desirability statistics (VDS) that our trained staff has attained.
If you do not feel that this video has either met or exceeded your expectations then we apologize and we will try and please you next time. If you have no expectations whatsoever then we are going to assume that you're on th

Added: Nov-6-2010 
By: Thickhanger
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