Amazing Scientific experiment footage of a talking Psychic parrot

Here is some remarkable footage of a scientific experiment conducted by a scientist, Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist who now devotes his time to researching PSI in particular between animals and humans.

In one of the few experiments ever conducted of this type an African Grey Parrot by the name of N'Kisi is shown participating in an telepathy experiment with it's owner (Aimee) and the video available for people to see. The parrot is actually able to read it's owner's mind by repeating what she was looking on a card at even though she was in another room.

N'kisi is a captive bred, hand raised Congo African Gray Parrot. He is 4-1/2 years old, and his species has a life span similar to humans. He has received teaching in the use of language for 4 years. He is now one of the world's top "language-using" animals, with an apparent understanding and appropriate usage of over 700 words.

Aimee intuitively taught N'kisi as one would a child, by explaining things to him in context. (This goes beyond typical interactions with a "pet", involving many hours per day of teaching and conversations.) He is treated as a member of the family. N'kisi was not trained like a performing animal, and does not just mimic or use speech "on cue".

Instead, he has been allowed to develop his own creative relationship to language as a means of self-expression. N'kisi speaks in sentences, showing a grasp of grammar in formulating his own original expressions. He is capable of actual conversations. He often initiates comments about what we are doing, feeling, looking at, thinking, etc, which is how we discovered his ability to read minds. N'kisi often demonstrates telepathy in spontaneous situations, and also communicates love, compassion, and a keen sense of humor.